How to Use Safety Signs So That They’re Effective

If you own or run a business and it carries any kind of hazard or risk to employees, visitors or passing members of the public then you need to use safety signs to let people know about the potential dangers.

Using safety signs is a very rapid and cheap way of alerting the public and your [...]

Group of Peers. No Pressure.

This week, I was in Denver participating in a peer group of other contractors from around the US–from Washington State to Pennsylvania. This was “an assembly of like, non-competing firms in an organized setting, exchanging private company information for mutual benefit.” As a construction company, I found these three takeaways we discussed most helpful and to

Everything You Need to Know About Protests: Govology Webinar

  We are excited to bring you another webinar that we are hosting with Govology and presented by Maria Panichelli! We are happy to provide friends of Cohen Seglias a 25% discount off of this webinar when they register using the code protest25. This is a live webinar that includes on demand recordings that you will be able to access even [...]

Part 43: MEP Rough-in Sequence

(Introduction, Syllabus, 1.Prelims, 1-4Precon, 2. Excavation, 3.Foundation, 4.Framing, 5.Close-In, 6.Roofing, 7.MEP, 8.Finish) Mechanical systems bring the house to life. These include metered services provided by public utilities as well as onsite systems like air handling, waste water treatment, and drainage control. There are also alternative sources of power, water, and waste disposal that can...

Why Marketers and Owners Don’t Always See Eye To Eye

How many owners have wished marketers would stop for a second to appreciate that they know what they’re talking about? Today, I’m going to share why this division exists. Plus, I’ll explain how the late 80s hair-metal group, Extreme can help come to grips with this situation. Shadow Boxers I know what you are thinking. […]

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