Trouble in River City

I was in Atlanta earlier in the week to visit with an equity firm we’ve partnered with over the years. They are experienced, and just solid folks. We have worked on several projects together, where they provide the equity to the developer sponsor, and we build the project, sort of like a 3-legged stool. That

Inside development of the Volvo CE LX1 as the hybrid-electric loader goes into field testing

Volvo Construction Equipment introduced its first concept of a hybrid wheel loader at the 2008 ConExpo-Con/Agg … and then went silent. The long wait between then and now was acknowledged by Scott Young, Volvo CE’s program manager for electromobility during the company’s recent Xploration Forum. But the wait has had its upsides, Young says: electrification […]

Commercial Construction Operations: Pulling Back the Curtain on Behind-the-Scenes Roless

Recently our CFO, Mary Davolt, was honored as a CFO of the Year by suburban Chicago’s Daily Herald newspaper. This award, which highlights the contributions of financial professionals to a company’s success, not only made the entire Englewood Construction team proud, it is a great reminder of the many behind-the-scenes team members who are so critical to the work [&...

A Quick Look at a Piece-based Construction Model

(Introduction, Syllabus, 1.Prelims, 1-4Precon, 2. Excavation, 3.Foundation, 4.Framing, 5.Close-In, 6.Roofing, 7.MEP, 8.Finish) Before I begin the posts for the building systems, I’ve been asked to describe how the models for these illustrations were made and what programs I use for construction modeling. All of the models in our books were built using an older, simpler, […]

Why Are You Working Today?

It’s a simple question. Why did you come into work today? Why do you get up every morning, get dressed, and commute to the job you have? You could have any job. So, why do you, day after day, go to the one you have? If you are sitting there without a clear answer to […]

The post

Key Considerations in Small Business Teaming: Part 1 – Teaming vs. Joint Venturing

This is the first in a series of three articles brought to you by Maria L. Panichelli and Edward T. DeLisle for the GovBizConnect, an online professional network for government contracting professionals.  Originally published on the GovBizConnect website. Welcome to the first installment of our three-part series, Key Considerations in Small Business Teaming: How to Form a Produ...

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